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Full collection on DVD $29 /  9 Year Anniversary spcl. ( Follow links above for free content )

The first and still the best sound collection specifically designed for multimedia applications like Flash and Director has grown over the last 9 years and now includes longer loops more suitable for broadband web delivery or TV and Movie production. deusX collection contains 850+ sound effects and over 750 loops
All files are recorded in .wav file format at  CD quality [ 44.1 khz and 16 bit ] and are ready to go without any editing on your side. Of course if you feel like it you can edit them further and use them as a base for your own FX creations.
All files are original and royalty free and once purchased can be used on as many web sites as you wish.The only restriction is that you cannot resell any of these individually or as a part of another collection nor can you post them on a web site for others to download.

Look around, try out free samples and find out why our sound effects can be heard on web sites like ESPN, Volvo, Major League Baseball, Sony Music Europe, Timex, Tomb Raider, Playboy, Microsoft, Kraft..........


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750+ loops
are organized in 14 different folders ranging from lighter more appropriate for business sites music loops all the way to heavy distorted guitars. In between these two extremes you will find a wide variety of music like acoustic guitars, retro 70's funk, modern techno,electronica, ambient mood setting music and pop. Also included are
many loops which can be strung together to compose a soundtrack of your own.
Use some of the synth loops and intros to set up the mood before you go into the main theme. This keeps things more interesting and breaks up the repetitiveness. Follow the free music loops lnk where you can download and try over 30 free loops ( feel free to use them in your projects even if you don't buy the DVD )

850+ sound FX
include everything from simple button pops and clicks to crowds, sports arena cheers,animals, drum samples, synthesizer sounds,common household sounds, numerous text typing effects ,vehicles, human and computerized voices, animals, sci-fi weirdness,machinery, explosions and magnum 45 blasts.There are also many sound effects specially designed to be looped seamlessly and create background noises and mood setting sounds.
For more details you can view a partial list of sound effects here, or read what satisfied clients have to say, and you can also download free sound effects to try out and use in your projects on our free sound effects page.

Play a sound FX memory game and hear some

scifi.html is a small sample of sci fi effects and mouseovers. Just visit the page, mouse over and click on things to trigger sounds.


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All of our sound effects and Loops are copyrighted.You are free to download and use featured free sound effects and loops as you please,[ other than claiming they are yours, selling and/or posting them on your web site for others to download ] The rest are featured for demonstration purposes only and are not to be used without our permission.
Copyright 1997-2006 Gjergja/Yanagisawa. All rights reserved.

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