EPL 2015/16new game

Spanish Liga 2015/16, other popular games

New season of premier league starts this weekend ( August. 8th ). Get in on the action.


Football Lob Master 3

Football Lob Master 3

Back with more levels, more fun, more of everything. Still the classic gameplay, but looking better than ever.


Football quiz

The Ultimate Football Quiz

A comprehensive quiz about the world's most popular sport. Take it to find out how much you know about football and learn something new.

Silver Games

Play more soccer games

Play more soccer games as well as other sports games and games of every other genre at Silver Games.com

Football Champions cup

Football Champions Cup

The best players in the world in a tournament to finally decide who really is the best. Can you win it with your favorite player?

Foosball World Cup

World Cup / foosball edition +

40 of the best soccer teams in a world cup
tournament, foosball style.

Neymar can play

Neymar Can Play

Just weeks before the World Cup Neymar gets injured, but have no fear. Crutches and all he can still play.

Champs Leaguenew game

Champs league ( beta version )

Play a full Champions league tournament.
Not just free kicks in this version. You get to take
all the free kicks you want, but you also have a striker you can pass to.

Brasil vs Argentina

Brasil vs. Argentina 2017

New version playable on mobile as well, so go ahead pick your team and play as much as you like.

Bicycle kick 2017

Bicycle kick Master

More and better bicycle kicks in a new version.Pick your favorite bicycle kicker and go for it. Win trophies too.

World cup 1 on 1

World Cup 2014 1 on 1

Great world cup action. It won't be easy, but with some luck and a lot of soccer skill you just may win it all.

World Cup League

World Cup League

Before the 2014 World Cup the best teams prepare with the World Cup League.
Play against the best national teams in an 8 team league .

Top Striker

Top Striker

Deflect free kicks and passes and direct them into the goal with headers, volleys and bicycle kicks.

Copa Libertadores

Copa Libertadores FK

Free kicks like in Champions league version, but this time Copa Libertadores tournament and with some subtle gameplay changes.

El Clasico

El Clasico 2015/16

The greatest rivalry in all of sports. Now you can attack and defend with your favorite team's players and keepers.

Messi's Hand

Messi's hand

Silly game developed for sharkpie.com inspired by real events. Play as Messi's hand and avoid getting stepped on.

world cup 2014

2014 World Cup PK

Never too early for some World Cup action.
Select your team and play out the entire World Cup tournament

keepy uppy

Ballon d'Or keepy uppy

Start easily with 1 golden ball and keep it in the air for 20 seconds. Then try 2, then try 3 and then try 4 because Messi has them all.

Copa Libertadores 2014

Copa Libertadores 2014

Americas' biggest tournament.
Pick your team and with the Copa or play against a friend in 2 player mode.

brasil vs argentina 2017

Liverpool vs. Real M.

Will it be 3 in a row for Real or will Liverpool finally win another trophy?
Pick your side and make it happen.

Football league jumper

Football League Jumper

Start out i Division 3 and jump your way up through leagues and championships until you reach the top, if you can that is.


Football jerseys quiz

Football Jerseys + quiz

If you just need a quick one minute quiz
try this Football Jerseys + a few other things quiz.

free kick duel

Free kick duel

It's you against one of those big name guys. Pick your opponent and go for it.
First one to score 3 goals wins.

World cup

World Cup 2014 All Stars

Your favorite World Cup winners play around with their freshly won trophies.

spanish league

Spanish League free kicks

2014/2015 seasons are ready to kick off so start your new one with some great action from Spanish La Liga.

world cup quiz

The 2014 World Cup Quiz

Test your knowledge of the 2014 World Cup jerseys/kits and players.


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