Spanish Liga 2016

Our favorite game to date, now you can also defend as requested.

Pick one of 14 Spanish teams and compete for the championship

Better teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid will be harder to defeat.
Some strategic elements to think about. In addition to time management you still have the bicycle kick option where you get to shoot again if you score with it.
It's a little harder to pull off, but could prove to be crucial in certain situations. On the other hand, if you're ahead better to play it safe and calmly place it into one of the corners.

Use mouse to move keeper when defending. Left Click where you want him to jump.
When playing offense move with mouse. Left click when ready to shoot. Aim left ot right by positioning your player on either side of the ball.
As for height, you'll get best results if you keep your mouse around your player's knees. Lower than that and it will go high. If you want to shoot lower move mouse above your player's waist.
You can also do bounces off the ground if your mouse is above player's head when attempting a header or a bicycle kick.